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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  June 13, 2012 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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>> yeah, we lived together in the '90s. >> we got to go. that's it for "the five." see you tomorrow, everybody. captioned by closed captioning services, inc >> bret: problems grow in the euro zone. which country needs help next? this is "special report." ♪ >> bret: good evening. i'm bret baier. the u.s. economy and president obama re-election hope take a one-two punch. first, word from the federal reserve this week american families lost 40% of the net worth since 2007 now. the world bank predicts another serious world financial crisis is possibly. at home, dow fell 77. s&p 500 lost nine. nasdaq off 24.
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now correspondent greg burke looks at the situation in europe and the global reach. >> financial experts today warned of contagion in europe. the latest report from the world bank says high income countries such as germany, the u.s. and japan are destined to suffer low growth. and that it will take several years to undo the damage done. it predicts anemic growth for europe. >> it's still rocked by turmoil. uncertain prospect for growth and jobs. let alone stability. >> greece has been the recipient of two bail-out and the problem so far from over. with no guarantee elections on sunday will resolve the crisis there. the greeks are voting early with the bank cards. withdrawalling 800 euros a day while it exists. white house urges caution. >> greeks should stay in the
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sewer row zone. their circumstances will be worse, they will be worseoff if greece were to exit the euro zone. >> spain admission last weekend it would get a loan up to $125 billion shore up the troubled banking sector calmed markets for a short time. but italy saw borrowing rate shoot up. troubling sign in the third largest economy. germany finance minister warned italy to stick to the agreed upon reforms. germany trying to keep the euro zone intact without paying for everyone else. >> we want europe and more europe. where we have common control and responsibility. >> today, president obama spoke with the european council president and mexican president calderon ahead of next g-20 meeting. the challenge there is to strengthen the shaky euro zone
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and contain the impact. >> bret: thank you. retail sales were down two-tenth of a percentage minute to april and may. they cite sharp drop in gasoline price. the economy, up employment, debt and deficit likely to be the deciding factor in the presidential race. the disagreement is whose fault it is. we have team coverage. carl cameron says the blame goes to president obama. we begin with the chief white house correspondent ed henry on the president rebuttal. >> celebrating father's day early, president obama had a barbecue lunch today with several military dads who work at barbershop. we want to figure out how we get better information about fathers resources available to them. where they can find job training programs. >> president's poll numbers are trimmed as the economy stalls.
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his job approval plummeted and his disapproval has gone up 15 points. strategist james carville and colleagues are warning democrats in a new memo the party could face impossible head wind in november. unless the president launchs dramatic shift in strategy. the voters are not convinced we are headed in the right direction. yet, tomorrow, the president is delivering his first big economic speech ooze general election in ohio. there will not be any new policies or strategies to deal with the crisis. >> we shouldn't expect much new. more of the same. more government, more debt, higher taxes to pay for it all. >> another main stay in the president's strategy is blame the economic mess on the predecessor, former president george w. bush, which he did in a series of fundraisers yesterday. >> i inherited a $1 trillion deficit. we had a surplus, they turned
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in a deficit. built in structural deficit that extent for decades. >> then they blamed you. >> isn't that something? nay baked it in the cake with tax cut and a prescription drug plan they didn't pay for and the war. >> with the war in iraq over and tax cut set to expire at the end of the year, not all of the bush policies are set in stone for decades. leading a top republican strategist to say this president needs to take responsibility for his policies. >> his policies failed and failed miserably. >> the administration doesn't expect dramatic action from the europeans at the g-20 summit, and that means the debt crisis will continue to hippeder our economy. >> ed henry live on the north lawn. thank you.
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>> bret: let's look at the other side of the political equation. the one saying the economy belongs to this president, not the last one. here is chief political correspondent carl cameron. >> speaking to a friendly audience of ceos at the quarterly meeting of the influential business round table in d.c., mitt romney launched a presymptive strike -- pre-emptive strike tomorrow. >> he will speak eloquently, but the words are cheap. and the record of an individual is the basis upon which to determine whether they should hold on to the job. >> romney shorthanded 64-page policy book to require taxes to spur growth and job, smaller government for less regulation and serious spending cut and reform to battle the federal budget in eight to step years. p obama and democrats say romney is rehashing the same policy of the bush administration. romney told the business executives, the obama liberal approach has failed. >> if you look at his record over the last three-and-a-half years you will conclude as i have, that it's the most anti-investment, antibusiness,
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anti-jobs series of policies in mod earn american history. >> both cam papes and national parties escalated the air war today. the rnc newsed news coverage of the repeated speeches in an attempt to refocus on the economy. >> it ends noting the president's speech tomorrow will not have new proposals. the obama camp accused romney of jobs plan that boil down to cutting them for teacher, firefighters and cops. the dnc made it one-two punch with a teacher, cop and fireman. >> wants to cut taxes by cutting jobs like mine. >> and my job, too. >> launching ads in states including colorado, iowa, north carolina, new hampshire, nevada, ohio, virginia. romney today renewed the attack using a chestnut to let the president's own words speak for themselves. >> if i don't have this done in three years there will be a one-term proposition. >> the president delivers his
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big economic speech tomorrow in cleveland, ohio, where he is expected to argue policies need more time to work. not coincidently, mitt romney will be in cincinnati, ohio, tomorrow, where he will argue mr. obama's time is running out fast. >> bret: ah, ohio. we'll be there again. thank you. arizona democrat ron barber will fill out the remainder of the term of former congresswoman gabrielle giffords. he won his old boss' seat tuesday in a special election. he and his republican opponent plan to run again in fall for full-term. give dif resiped to focus on the recovery from gunshot wounds suffered last year. the tug-of-war continues over how to investigate national security leaks ending up in the media. the attorney general appointed two of his people to lead the probe. u.s. attorneys. many republicans say it's not good enough. >> if there was aftersituation for a special council, it is now. this is a bad precedent to set. i'm urging this attorney general to do what senator
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obama and senator biden asked of the bush administration. pick somebody outside the system we can buy in to. >> we don't think it's necessary. >> bret: more on this with the panel later. that brings us to tonight's text to vote question. will attorneyien eric holder keep his job through election day? text sr1 to 36288 for yes. and sr2 for no. results later. up next, the war of words over syria. wake up!
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our cloud is made of bedrock. concrete. and steel. our cloud is the smartest brains combating the latest security threats. it spans oceans, stretches continents. and is scalable as far as the mind can see. our cloud is the cloud other clouds look up to. welcome to the uppernet. verizon. >> bret: in international news, coordinated weigh of
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bombings killed 66 people in iraq. the targets, shiite pilgrim in baghdad and other cities. more than 16 separate explosions rocked the country today. it's the third attack this week aimed at shiites. taking part in annual religiou. iran top nuclear negotiator says next week talk in the west will include proposals from all sides. six-nation bloc is demanding they halt uranium enrichment. iran refused so far. who is sending what to whom? in syria. continues to be the crux of a growing dispute between the u.s. and russia. correspondent connor powell tells us while political fighting goes on, the real fighting gets worse. >> the war in syria is intensifying with civilians increasingly caught in the cross fire. but worse, violence may be yet to come. results that both sides are receiving new and deadly weapons. lightly armed at the start of the conflict, rebels now
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reportedly have anti-tanks missiles. >> this amateur video appears to show rebels destroying a syrian army tank. as troops use helicopters to repel the rebels, they rejected claims that russia is sending weapons to the assad regime. >> we urged the russian government to cut these military ties completely. to suspend all further support and deliveries. obviously, we know because they confirm that they continue to deliver. >> under international law, russia is allowed to send military equipment to the assad regime. russia denies the weapons are used on the opposition groups. instead, russia says the u.s. is violating the law by sending weapons to syrian rebels. today the white house denied the allegation and said the u.s. is only sending nonlethal
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support. rebels are receiving shipments of new weapons. likely from the neighboring states. this diplomat of war of words comes as the-up mission in syria is struggling. violence is escalating. u.n. observers are regularly being attacked by the assad supporters. prevented from conducting investigation in the killing. the prospects are failing rapidly as the european and american officials quibble over whether or not this is a civil war. many people think this is a war that could last months if not years. bret? >> connor powell in jerusalem. thank you. disaster. that is how defense secretary leon panetta is referring to the prospect of additional half trillion in mandatory defense cuts problem ses known as sequestration. panetta a joint chiefs chairman martin dempsey made the case for alternatives before a sub committee today. some of the passengers on the jet blue flight that was disrupted by a pilot who ran through the plane yelling about jesus and al-qaeda are
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suing the airline. they claim the airline wases fromly negly jent allowing captain osborne to fly. he faces hearing friday to determine if he is mentally competent to stand trial. still ahead -- what the producers of those political ads are really trying to do to you. first, the man who runs the bank that lost $2 billion tells his side of the story. ave. but today...( sfx: loud noise of large metal object hitting the ground) things have been a little strange. (sfx: sound of piano smashing) roadrunner: meep meep. meep meep? (sfx: loud thud sound) what a strange place. geico®. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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>> bret: federal prosecutors will not retry former democratic presidential candidate john edwards. today they filed paperwork dismissing the remaining criminal charges. the jury in north carolina acquited edwards on one count of accepting illegal campaign contributions. it deadlocked on five others. the head of one of the
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country's top bank says the buck stops with him over the loss of $2 billion of customer money. j.p. morgan chase ceo jamie dimon fell on his sword on capitol hill. mike emanuel shows us what happened. >> we made a mistake. i'm responsible. the buck stops with me. >> jp morgan ceo jamie dimon took the blame for $2 million trading loss for the large east bank but says management's error and more regulation is not the answer. >> there are thousands of rules and regulations. we can't find them all. we are giving informed advice. some we think don't make sense. we think we are entitled to ones to tell you things that don't make sense. >> i think you are entitled to tell things that don't make sense. i think that the american people after making major investments in your bank and others institutions are entitled to ensure they don't have to reach in the pocket again. >> in this case, the jp morgan
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shareholders lost and not the customers and the taxpayers. and the loss was equivalent of 1/1,000th of the $2 trillion in assets. some suggest that the volcker rule named for former fed chairman paul volcker might have precepted the losses. >> i understand the intent of the volcker rule. reduce activities to yep diaz financial company. i completely understand that. i think the devil is in the detail to allow good of the capital markets and not the bad. >> he was asked about the impact recent regulations having on the jp morgan bottom line. >> heavy regulatory cost increased as a result of the dodd-frank, volcker rule, whatever it is. >> a rough estimate. $1 billion a year. >> for those involved in the trades, the ceo says there may be so-called clawbacks meaning they may forfeit stock a bonuses. that led a lawmaker to slam
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congress. >> it is comforting to know with a $1 billion loss in trade last year, the company still i think had a $19 billion profit. during that same period. we lost over $1 trillion. if we had a clawback provision, none of us would get paid here. >> mean while, fox business correspondent charlie gasparino uncovered jp morgan chase report from last year that was not made public showing the state and big cities undercounted and underfunded the pension plans to tine of $4 trillion. >> bret: thank you. for more on the specifics visit catholic church ambassador to the u.s. is praising american bishops for confronting president obama over his contraception mandate. u.s. diocese filed a dozen lawsuit against the requirement that employer provide health insurance
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covering birth control. february it's against their religion. things are tough all over. to nobel foundation is cutting cash award to winers of the nobel prizes. last year's recipients were given $1.4 million. now it will be closer to $# 1.1 million. participate in our text to vote poll. will attorneyien eric holder keep his job through election day in text sr1 to 36288 if you think he will. sr2 if you think he will not. ares in a bit. [ male announcer ] let's say you need to take care of legal matters.
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>> bret: now fresh pickings from the political grapevine. first, soda, now popcorn and maybe even milk. new york city's board of health is considering expansion of mayor bloomberg's proposed been a on large sodas and sugary drinks. one member suggested limiting sizes of movie theater popcorn. another liked the idea of restricting milk beverages such as milkshakes or coffee milk drinks. the president of the national association of theater owners says the popcorn idea is silly. and won't fight obesity, because the average person buys movie concessions only twice a year. tv host joy behar is fired up over romney's comments about americans wanting less government. romney commented op president obama's assertion that a solution to the economic troubles of the country was for government to hire more teacher, police officers and firefighters.
3:28 pm
behar said, "i'd like to see romney's house burn. one of his million houses burning down. who is he going to call? the mormon fire patrol?" behar previously decried palin's map targeting democratic districts with cross heirs calling it an al-qaeda christmas card. the national journal sent out reader surface with input on washington's influential women. they suggested d.d. meyers and former secretary of state madeleine albright. they listed the chair of the recording industry association of america, kerry sherman. there is one problem. kerry is a man. the journal's communication director says it was an oversight, saying, "our apologies to kerry, who is certainly influential in washington. but whose "y" chromosome does indeed take him out of running for our list." ♪ ♪
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>> bret: tonight we consider a series on political advertising, focusing on just how the producers get you to pay attention. and perhaps vote a certain way. chief washington correspondent james rosen reports sometimes it's about anything but the facts. >> eight. seven. six. five. four. three. two. one. >> these are the stakes. >> we think about campaigns a lot, we think about particular spots that ran in particular years. you think in 1988 campaign, you think of michael dukakis in a tanks. >> america can't afford that risk. >> you think of the 2004 campaign, you think of the swift vote ad. >> kerry cannot be trusted. >> that is not to say that advertising decides elections. it very much doesn't decide elections.
3:30 pm
but it's absolutely the most visible face of the campaign. >> is it a face you can trust in the craft of political ads eed considerably sings 1964, when lyndon johnson conjured the speckor of nuclear annihilation to discourage americans voting for barry foldwater. consider the basketball ad -- >> i always enjoyed watching the kids play basketball. it still do. even though things have changed. it's funny, they can't find jobs to get their career started. and i can't afford to retire. now we ore all living together again. >> basketball ad produced by veteran g.o.p. consulting firm mccarthy hennings media. the client for the 60-second spot was the conservative super pac american crossroad, whose senior advisor include fox news contributor karl rove. crossroad spent $9.78 million to run the ad in ten swing states in the last month. it makes use of actors as the lbj ad did and sophisticated morphing technology and
3:31 pm
atypical soft cell approach. >> i supported president obama because he spoke beautifully and promised change. but things changed for the worse. >> as if unemployment and as if the structural issues in the economy are the fault of barack obama and have only been generated in the past 3-1/2 years. >> a former speech writer for two republican secretary of state, adam garfinkal is editor of "the american interest." the author of a new book on the use of language in politics. >> understand who understands how the economy works and how election cycles work knows this is ludicrous. of course, it's effective anyway. a lot of people, once their emotions are piqued up, and their critical facilities are turned off, it doesn't make a difference what the truth is. >> fox news asked garfink to review spate of new ads and video from both sides of the aisle. among them is pair of paid ad from sale of bain capital. one produced by th produced by e
3:32 pm
obama-biden campaign. the other by priorities usa. >> with romney and bain capital, objective was to make money. >> they're barred from coordinating with each other, yet both ads released on consecutive days focused on the same missouri steel plant that closed it doors and laid off 750 workers in early 2001. >> mitt romney was deeply involved in the influence he exercised over the companies. >> if we lost, maybe made money. if we survived they made money. simple as that. >> mentioned in neither ad was the fact that romney left bain capital in 1999, two years before it closed down. also unmentioned was the market collapse that forced at least 31 american steel companies in bankruptcy in the same period. neither mentioned the indiana plant that bain capital invested in, steels dynamic, inc., today employs more than 6,000 people. that was left to the romney
3:33 pm
campaign. >> i think there is a lot of pride of what we built out here. >> which uploaded 60-second web only video to youtube hours after the first attack debuted. >> others shied away, romney private sector leadership team stepped in. >> they ore all fictions and they all manipulate. and fast and loose with the truth. no matter which candidate they favor or oppose. they're completely contentless as far as the substance is concerned. it's all about emotion and manipulating emoge. it's all about affect. not a single policy issue discussed in any of the ads. they're all technically smooth. the scenes shifts from what a normal human being would be seeing. then they're looking at something different. every time there is a technical event like that. a little tick of adrenaline pops off in a human body, because we can't do that naturally without the aid of
3:34 pm
the images. so the idea here is to create as many technical advantages without looking completely pe frenetic as you can. that keeps people's attention. >> to watch the ads properly and get the best use of them, gary finkal advises viewers to take down pen and pad and write down key slogan and shorthand phrases and other pieces of political language you see and hear in them a give thought to way they're really used. bret? >> bret: very interesting. part three tomorrow night. thank you. we will talk about some of the suggests so the presidential campaign ad. dell, deficit, u.s. economy, when the fox all-stars join me after the break. ♪
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stuff, and then just as you're sitting down, they leave. [ laughter ] and accuse you of running up the tab. >> i happen to believe if you look at his record over the last three-and-a-half years you will conclude as i have, it's the most anti-investment, antibusiness, anti-jobs series of policies in modern american history. >> bret: the battle lines are continuing to be drawn in this campaign. as we get ahe toward the con vention late in the summer. then in to the campaigning in truth late in the fall. let's look at new polls. rasmussen comes out with a new poll. national position that has romney ahead by four. this is likely voters. reuters, ipsa poll has it tight at 45-44%. recommend centered voters. the real clear politics average of polls you is a little bit tighter today.
3:39 pm
this takes the ample of recent polls 45.7 to 44.9. that is where we are. the panel, charles lane, opinion writer for post. jeff zelney national political correspondent for "new york times." syndicated columnist, charles krauthammer. chuck, the line the president used about this is all baked in the cake. the republicans ordered a steak dinner an walked away on the bill. does it sell? >> i'm confuseed whether they ate the steak before they left or not. you wasn't entirely clear. i don't think it sells so much anymore. actually, there is plenty of truth to what he said. the real truth is the recession what blew a hole in the federal budget. i think after three years in office, people are looking for more of an explanation how we get out of this than how we got into it. that seems i think to be what a lot of people including a lot of democrats are concerned about in terms of the campaign message. the lack of something positiv
3:40 pm
positive. forward looking. >> bret: you have democratic strategists like james carville and stan greenberg out saying that the president could face impossible head neb november in he doesn't change strategy. is the white house getting the pushback from the left? real concern about the election? the white house is concerned. they could be crazy not to. they are seeing the focus group concerns from the democrat. may have been through it before and think it's a rough summer and that it will improve when they define governor romney. but they already hoped to have been well along the way of defining governor romney as slightly u unsellable.
3:41 pm
and the ads so far, $25 million since may we are not seeing a change in the poll. the white house is concerned about this. one of the reasons that the president is giving a slightly fine tuned economic message tomorrow, in cleveland. we will see how much forward looking conversation there is, vs. how much blame on previous administration. >> bret: you say slightly different. we are getting indication there are not new policy or strategies. >> not sure if there is a new policy but he might frame it differently. the backward looking stuff don't blame me, it's not my fault is true, but that is not what people, that is not what the independent voters want to hear that t president say. >> in fact, charles, the reuters, ipsa poll sees a real fall-out to the .in independent numbers. aproval among independents dropping significantly. disapproval going up. you can see the approval 35% among independents.
3:42 pm
that is the reuters poll. >> in part, the reason independents are so disappointed with the president they know that the claim he makes about it all being the fault of his predecessor is either on the one hand false or simply whining by somebody who won't own up to responsement. the problem -- it is false. the problem with the president's annal about the restaurant, he left out where he diths down and ordinaries steak and martinis for the next 1,000 days and sends you and i the bill. if you look at the debt, publicly held debt on day he took office, couldn't write a debt that you and i and bondholders akulelated for there 230 years of republic, $6.5 trillion. today it's $11 trillion.
3:43 pm
he added in three yeah year, $4.5 trillion. increased our debt by 70% in three yeah yearing. the idea it's baked in the cake is nonsense. one war is over. and the other war he liked he doubled our expenditures. it will be over in a couple of years away. he has deficit he projects in the future increasing by $8 trillion of debt for the next decade. on every count the numbers are false. american people sense that. >> bret: chuck, the other point that the president often make option the stump is the prescription drug plan, and how it was not paid for. which rue. but what he leaves out of the sense tense that the -- sentence is democrat es' plan was more than republicans plan and also not pater pater -- notd
3:44 pm
for. but this is the battle front we'll deal with. >> who is to blame? there was going to be a prescription drug plan in 2000, whoever won. truech the recession, the big spending that went on xue to stimulus package, recession explains a lot of the deficit we're going through now. i don't know if you want to blame president bush for that but it took place before he was man. >> stimulus was not an act of god. it was an act of man. >> the recession drove tax revenues down in this country and caused so-called out mattic stabilizers like inemployment benefit to go up. >> it did not require near $1 trillion stimulus sprinkled on the economy a left not a trace. >> bret: response? might as well keep going.
3:45 pm
>> fair enough. i'm not i sag there was no stimulus or all paid for. when you break down factors causing the deficit you can't ignore the reseg. big experience. >> for rom bloom is the challenge in environment. there is some indication campaign would like to be conservative and let what is happening happen. other republicans so i there nodes too be a vision ablaying out of a specific lan. >> four months is a long time tip election day. a lot of republicans don't think it's enough to stay in a frozen position for a long time. urinely campaigns have ebb and flow. romney is now. i'd be surprised if he stayed in that pog throughout summer. a lot of people want to know what he is for as well. the arguement is made for him. he needs to cross the thrash
3:46 pm
host of why vote for romney. he is midway through that process. he has time to do that. four-and-a-half months but something he hasn't done. >> bret: we await a healthcare ruling for supreme court, romney campaign putting out specifics where they would like to see healthcare. that is part of that message. >> romney needs positive outline of the vision. the problem is that the president hasn't done one. he can't run on the record. he can't run, he is not responsibility. he has to present a vision. he will be in cleveland tomorrow and yet again he won't, because i don't think he has a plan. >> we'll cover it here. next un, late e on the investigation into national security leaks. [ male announcer ] what's in your energy drink?
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we're talking about putting people's lives at risk, pakistani doctor, talking about the double agent family being involved and compromising programs with allies like israel. talking about the detail of the bin laden raid and seal team six and the families. this is exponentially worse. there is no way to convince me that this scenario doesn't justify the council when they said you needed up with for valerie prame and abramoff. yes, not letting it go. >> we take this very seriously. >> bret: the investigation in to the leaking of the national security information to several media reports continues. it is intensifying on capitol hill. with calls for a special
3:51 pm
prosecutor and the administration is pushing back on that. we're back with the panel. chuck, where does this go? it seems like it's starting small but may be gaining some momentum. is that a read of this? >> well, clearly, republicans feel it's a good issue for them. you saw lindsay graham. he chewed out eric holder on the hill and made it plain to holder they didn't think it was good enough. where it goes legally, i'm not sure. may disappoint people but i'm not sure laws were broken here. the valerie plame case was there was a specific matter of outing intelligence agent, which is a violation of the law. there is americaier situation here whether the information was classified or declassified before leaked or whatever. >> bret: you mean at the president's direction? >> or somebody's. at issue here it seems to me clearly if anything, i emphasize "if "is the political manipulation of
3:52 pm
classified information. i'm not sure it's a crime. it might the wrong thing to do but not sure it's a crime. >> bret: there is a republican element to it. you say it's a good fish for them. you dianne feinstein and others saying they're concerned about it. >> one reason that it's something that -- it is more than the average controversy in washington. this is going to last more than a week. it already has. it will go on throughout the sum around the fall. the white house is, i mean, i don't expect the white house spokesman to say anything else from the podium they don't think is special counsel is necessary. of course they say. that i don't think we have enough answers to questions yet. if this this, how serious this is. the question is this an issue in the campaign or not? i'd be surprised if it was. these things move very slowly. of the utmost serious nature here obviously. >> bret: is there a point that the pressure builds that in fact, special prosecutor
3:53 pm
does get appointed? can you foresee it judging by where the environment is now? >> certainly possible. i mean, i can't think of one recently. it's election year. it's combustible and hot. i could see it happening. who knows if it will. but sure, it could happen. >> charles? >> it depends how well it's contained by the department of justice. holder appoints two attorneys. obama appointed. i don't question their integrity. perhaps they will be able to conduct independent inquiries in to this that will be successful. this insue lates the administration. they will answer, if you get congress looking at it for separate investigation. i assure you that everybody that goes before congress will say i can not comment on a question that is already under justice department inquiry. it will allow them an out. that's what always happens. i think what this will hinge
3:54 pm
on whether it's a political issue, everybody agrees on the seriousness. it isn't only graham saying that it's a real terrible injury to our national security and to the american lives. dianne feinstein has said it threatens american lives and the national security. poiseps our relations with the a lice. makes it almost impossible we can recruit anybody who work with us after looking at how we leak stuff. pew the question is nobody will doubt seriousness. the question is: is there going to be pressure to speed up the investigation, because it could go really slow inside justice until after election day, which is what obama wants to do with everything. punt everything to november. >> you know, chuck, you were saying this might not be, even involved the classified information. we are talking about the program, people didn't know, the u.s. and israel was working on going after iran bay computer weapon. >> no. what i'm saying is it's possible some of it was declassified. >> by the president. >> by the president or
3:55 pm
somebody else before it was leaked. we don't know that. i assume they will be investigating those kind of things. just to be clear here, i repeat there is a difference between something that is bad, risky, dangerous, et cetera, and something that is a crime, right? that is, i mean, the trap that you fall in to with the independent counsel, special counsel you get an investigation of who broke what, you know, federal statute. the ancillary thing about perjury if it comes up. the appropriate inquirry it seems is one like, you know, who ordered this bad stuff to be done and why did it happen in the first place? which isn't necessarily criminal inquiry. charles says congress could do that. that would be a good role for congress. they have already played the special counsel card. >> which will stop anybody from giving evidence that will be new before congress because they will say i can't speak about an ongoing investigation. insuelation for them. >> bret: that is it for the
3:56 pm
panel. stay tuned for the fall-out from a win. does your phone give you all day battery life ?
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>> bret: one quick correction. charles said two acetones appointed by president obama. one was appointed by president bush and the other by president obama. we asked you will the attorney general keep his job through election day. 36 said yes and 64% said no. thank you for your votes. we have almost 6,000 of them tonight. finally tonight the l.a. kings routed the new jersey devils 6-1 in game six to win the first stanley cup in franchise history. the reaction from kings fans apparently was not that crazy. >> everyone was well behaved considering but you odd wouldn't have known that from the 11:00 news. somehow they got the footage hooked up. >> they said it was a calm


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